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Hardigg has developed a system of cases for use as a transportable Mobile Office. All of these cases have been designed with global rapid deployment with world-wide environmental conditions in mind. The mobile office may include the field desk, bookcase, laptop carrying case, footlocker, and medical equipment storage cases.


Hardigg Field Desk & Mobile Office Cases

The Field Desk container system was designed by Hardigg's world renowned engineering staff for the U.S. military. The desk comes complete with a chair, desktop working surface, and a lockable drawer. The portable desk folds down into its own rugged shipping and storage container.

Rotationally molded construction, airtight and watertight.

Outside dimensions: 30.75" x 20.6" x 28.5" when packaged

Weight 81 lbs. empty

Field Desk includes a 6 drawer pedestal and a removable cover than doubles as a work surface and storage area for folding chair

Includes folding chair that stores in the case

Drawer pedestal includes 2 lockable personal drawers, 2 box drawers and 2 file drawers.

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Hardigg Workstation Cases

Hardigg workstation cases are self-contained, comfortable to operate, extremely rugged, and impervious to the hazards of shipping, such as shock, vibration, and extreme thermal conditions. The cases are airtight, watertight, and as lightweight as possible while providing total protection for your critical workstation equipment.

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Hardigg Book Cases

Hardigg's plastic book shelf case is available in gray or olive drab, with a pressure relief valve, edge casters and three shelves to store books/manuals.  The bookshelf has three small and three large compartments. The small compartments are 9" wide x 12.5" high x 12.25" deep. The large compartments are 14" wide x 12.5" high x 12.25" deep. Shipping dimensions are roughly 42.88" wide x 27.25" deep x 20.75" height. Empty shipping weight is 76.7 lbs.

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